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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Lancaster Financial Group

Q: Are you a fiduciary?

A:  We have the flexibility to act as a fiduciary or to offer commission based services. Our advice is completely independent of ties to outside influence, assuring you that our only goal is your success.

Q: What professional experience do you have?

A: The majority of advisors with Lancaster Financial Group, LLC are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals (CFP ®). We value education and continuing educations so that we always have the industry's most up to date knowledge. 

Q: What do you offer that other advisors don’t?

Complete independence with a focus on financial planning. We get things done and have often found we are the first call when our clients are in an hour of need. We are proud of that. Our focus may be wealth development, but we like to think that less financial stress helps our clientele maintain their health as well.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: Comprehensive financial planning: Financial Statement Reviews, Estate Planning, Will, POA and Living Will Reviews, Investment Risk Analysis, Retirement Planning, Insurance Needs, Income Tax Strategies, Personalized Recommendations, and Annual Reviews

Q: Do you work with CPAs or Attorneys?

A: Yes. We have a trusted network of CPA's and Attorney's that we coordinate specific planning needs with.

What To Expect

Q: How do we work together?

A: It does not matter where you live, wherever you call home we are happy to work with you.  If you are in the local Central Pennsylvania Area we are happy to meet in person, in our office, or at your home.  If you are located anywhere else in the United States we are happy to meet by phone, zoom or in person. Presently we support clients in 30 States. Regardless of where you reside, we believe in face to face meetings on an annual basis.

Q: How will you communicate with me?  / How do I get a hold of you?

A: We believe in face to face meetings on an annual basis to review your progress in addition to a constant open channel of communication through phone, text or email. We honor our commitments and conduct ourselves with the integrity that earns our client’s trust.

Q: How does financial planning work?

A: Whether you are diversifying your portfolio, conducting estate planning, or selecting life insurance, we consider your entire financial picture as a part of these decisions. The financial plan is the basis for all recommendations and we update it annually. 

Q: How long is my commitment?

A: We offer one-time financial planning or project-based work. Ideally though, we will continue working together until well into the future.

Q: How do I access my accounts?

A:  Visit our Client Center

Q: What resources will I have when working with you?

A: Not only will you have access to all your accounts and financial plan online, you will also have unlimited access to our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. We also will send out monthly emailed newsletters with relevant and timely information as well as our online Blog.

How Do I Get Started?

Q: Do I need to live in Lancaster, Pa to work with Lancaster Financial Group?

A: No. Wherever you reside we would love to chat with you. We are experts in collaborating via secure video calls and utilizing technology to achieve our clients goals together. We currently provide services from Alaska to Florida and most areas in between!

Q: Where do we meet?

A: We are happy to meet in person, in our office, or at your home.  If you are located anywhere else in the United States we are happy to meet by phone, zoom or in person.

Q: How are you paid?

A: We have the flexibility to use fee-based accounts, commission accounts or charge a flat rate for financial planning only services. We are completely transparent with fees, and work with our clients to choose what method makes most sense for them.

Q: How do I move my accounts to Lancaster Financial Group?

A: We make the process simple and easy. We can review this together once we get to that point. Schedule A Call To Learn More

Q: How do I schedule a meeting?

A: You can call us at 717-393-5700 , email us at or schedule a call right here!

Q: What information do you need from me?

A: First, introduce yourself. Initially we will ask you some simple questions to find out if we would be a great fit to collaborate together. Once you decide that you would like to work with us, we'll provide a list of documents to upload securely to us or bring to your first strategy session with us.

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